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My New Adventure

My New Adventure

Let me share some big news from my world. Yesterday, Perry and I mutually agreed that I should leave the staff team at NewSpring Church. I can assure you it was a decision that wasn’t entered into lightly. Both Perry and I have had this weighing on us for some time. Perry and I share a lot of commonalities in ministry and leadership, but, if you know Perry and me very well, you know that we also approach both a little differently – differently enough that I was not fulfilled in my role.

Just to set the record straight here, we’re talking about differences that would be non-essentials if I was just attending NewSpring (which I plan to continue doing), but the differences weren’t healthy for the church or for me in the leadership role Perry needed me to fill.

Now, before you start reading into this more than you should, hear me out:

  • I still love Perry and the ministry of NewSpring Church.
  • I’m still 100% behind the vision God has given Perry.
  • You are a fool if you don’t think God is using NewSpring to help people meet Jesus and experience new life.
  • Perry promised he’d still be my friend. (But I’m still not going to let him hug me.)

Where does that leave me? I have no idea. I’m not at all sure what the future holds. I’m scared, but I’m not worried, if that makes sense. I’m questioning God, but I trust God completely.

I have a huge passion for the local church and reaching people for Jesus, but I’m not at all sure how God will use that in the future. I’m waiting on God to provide clear direction. And, frankly, after more than 10 years of nonstop ministry, this unexpected sabbatical may be God-ordained.

With that, really, I could use your wisdom. If you want to teach me, encourage me, challenge me, slap some sense into me or anything else, I’m ready for that.

In the mean time, please pray for Perry, the NewSpring family and my family. I’m confident the best is yet to come for all of us.

Check out Perry’s blog for his take on all of this.

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