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Not Very Catalysty Today

Not Very Catalysty Today

Sorry folks. I keep getting pinged by people on Twitter and email asking about why nothing is showing up on my blog for Catalyst. I tried. Believe me… I tried.

Wireless access in the arena didn’t work. There’s no AT&T cell service in the arena. (btw…AT&T is the worst cell phone service I’ve ever had.) Because of that, I didn’t have any way to deliver blog and Twitter updates from the conference. I’m sitting in a Starbucks down the road trying to catch up and communicate what’s happening…or not happening.

In the mean time, there are other bloggers that are trying to make it work. You can find them listed on the Catalyst Backstage site.

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  1. [...] was really hoping to blog during the day so I wouldn’t have these late night posting sessions but it looks like I wasn’t alone in this.  Many of the official bloggers of catalyst were unable to get any kind of wifi connection [...]

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