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Invest 20% of Your Time in Mentoring: The Google Way for Churches?

Invest 20% of Your Time in Mentoring: The Google Way for Churches?

GoogleIf you are a fan of Google like me, you’re probably familiar with their “20-percent time” benefit. The benefit allows employees to invest 20 percent of their time in the projects that they’re most passionate about. Out of that freedom, some of the best Google solutions have come to fruition.

In churches, on the other hand, we don’t do “new” very well.

Frankly, the idea of staff employees investing 20 percent of their time in new innovations is too big a leap for most churches. Churches aren’t ready for that type of change.

Here’s an alternative, though, that could pay huge dividends. What would happen if we asked every staff member, both full-time and part-time, to invest 20 percent of their time in mentoring others? What if we equipped staff with a leadership development strategy, tools and resources to invest in future leaders? What if we gave staff the freedom (and the expectation) that one out of every five hours would be dedicated to mentoring and discipleship? How might that impact the future of our churches?

And, here’s a little secret…

You don’t need permission to do this.

If you’re the youth pastor, you’re not going to get fired for this. Just start prioritizing your time to make it happen. Take a look at your weekly calendar. Block off one out of every five hours to make it happen.

Be intentional with other people. Test-drive this idea for the next six months. If you find success, my guess is other leaders will start asking you about your magic sauce. If it doesn’t work, drop it and go back to your regularly scheduled programming.

I challenged my coaching networks to embrace this last month. I challenged over 100 staff leaders at Cincy Vineyard to do the same during my half-day workshop on building volunteer teams. I’ve started embracing this formula with guys like Ryan.

Who are you mentoring?

If you’d like me to come invest in your staff and volunteer team and share this vision, let’s chat. I’d like to help you begin to multiply your leadership quotient.

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