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With great intentions, I interviewed Jenni Catron, Executive Director of Cross Point Church in Nashville, earlier this week. I even have the picture below to prove it.

Jenni Catron Interview


Yes, that’s a picture of me asking Jenni a question. Because I’m technologically-challenged, I have a great video recording of me asking questions and Jenni giving compelling answers without any audio. This is just another reason why I should stick to coaching and consulting.

I’m tempted to post the video because there’s probably someone out there who can read lips who might be willing to translate it for us. (Does Google have an app for that yet?) Jenni really did have a lot of great leadership insights to share. And, unfortunately, you will never hear them.

The good news is there’s an opportunity for the women in the crowd to redeem this regrettable situation. Jenni is offering her very first coaching network for women leaders. When we talked earlier this week, there were only about 3 spots left. If you are interested, make sure you apply before the May 15, 2012 deadline. If you do, tell here Tony sent you. (That way I won’t feel so bad for messing up the recording.)

Thanks again, Jenni, for your time. It really was a great interview…though only you and I will ever know it.

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