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Global Leadership Summit 2012: William Ury

Global Leadership Summit 2012: William Ury

William UryWilliam Ury is the co-founder and senior fellow at Harvard University’s Program on Negotiation. These are my highlights from his interview at the Global Leadership Summit.

  • “When you are angry, you will make the best speech you will ever regret.”
  • “We are the biggest barrier to us experiencing success.”
  • “One of the greatest powers we have in negotiations is the power not to react.”
  • “Give people basic human respect. It costs nothing and means everything to them.”
  • “Probe behind the positions for what the underlying interests are.”
  • “You’re looking for creative solutions that meet the various interests of all sides.”
  • “Less talk. More walk.”
  • Quote from Abraham Lincoln: “Do I not destroy my enemy when I turn them into my friend?”
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