And Other Scattered Musings on Leadership
by Tony Morgan, foreword by Andy Stanley
Publisher: B&H Books (March 1, 2009)

About the Book

Killing CockroachesChurch would be pretty easy to plan and implement if you didn’t have to take the culture into account. But with more choices than ever to draw people away from Christ and your congregation, church today needs to be both biblically sound and readily believable. Inspiring and engaging. It shouldn’t apologize for truth, but neither should it be afraid of innovation.

With honest, hard-hitting insights on everything from marketing and Web site design to team building and staffing strategies—plus worship planning, leadership development, and even how to repair a rented Mustang convertible—this book of action-packed pointers will give you some good ideas to try and some even better questions to ask. Also includes interviews with some of today’s most creative ministry minds and trendsetters, like Craig Groeschel, Seth Godin, Penelope Trunk, Steven Furtick, and Guy Kawasaki.

Why keep killing cockroaches, forever bogged down in the mundane and small details, when you could be making a big impact with your leadership and life?

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