The Unstuck Group team and I have experiences working for some of the fastest growing and most innovative churches in the country along with what we learn daily from consulting with diverse church clients. We help churches grow their impact through church consulting and coaching experiences designed to focus vision, strategy and action.

  • Ministry Health Assessment — What if an experienced ministry leader could join your team and bring fresh perspective to your strategies, systems and structure? The purpose of this ministry health assessment is to give you a current snapshot of your ministry’s health and best position your church to fulfill your vision.
  • Strategic Planning This process produces a balanced strategy and plan in two days (two-day on-site visit) and installs it within two months (one-day on-site follow up visit). The planning process guides your team to clarify your mission, vision, and core strategies—and then to create the right structure and accountability to realize it through prioritized action initiatives.
  • Staffing & Structure Review – In consulting with churches, one of the most common requests we receive is to help assess church staffing and structure. We love helping a church position their staff team to best fit both the ministry and the individuals involved.
  • Communications Strategy Development What if you could grow not only your worship attendance, but also ministry involvement by learning to effectively communicate your vision, sermon series, and special events? The purpose of this review is to give you a current snapshot of your ministry’s communications health and an action plan to best position your church to fulfill your vision and goals.
  • Leadership Coaching Networks I provide leadership training for pastors and other ministry leaders through coaching networks. The coaching experience is built around simple and practical systems and tools to help you take your next steps as a leader. We’ll take a look at best practices in growing, healthy churches. Together, we’ll press into tough conversations to help you get unstuck in your leadership and ministry impact.
  • Speaking & Training I’m available to provide leadership training for staff team meetings, conferences and workshops. I also provide educational sessions for college or seminary classes and seminars whether online or in person. This training is primarily focused on equipping leaders on a variety of topics related to church leadership, ministry strategy, healthy teams and building volunteer and staff teams. I can also customize half-day and full-day workshop experiences to meet your staff or volunteer team’s needs.
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