Leadership & Management

Why Wise Church Leaders Don’t Say Everything They See

Ever say something you wish you could take back? Sure. Everyone has. Whether it’s something we regret saying to a spouse, to a child, to a friend, or in the workplace to a coworker. Everybody has said something they wish they could go back and say differently…or…not say at all. Many of us are not aware of how powerful our words are and how they affect the people around us. The best church leaders I’ve ever been around understand this and they exercise discipline with their words.

Growing Strategies

Why Churches Don’t Change

Churches don’t change. In fact most churches avoid changing at all cost, even if it means not growing. It’s so bad that I’ve seen churches choose to close their doors over choosing to change. Here are six common reasons I’ve observed why churches choose not to change. One of these might be why your church won’t change.


Toxic Church Mantras and Self-Serving Celebrations

Is the language of the culture within your church toxic to people living in the culture outside it? What I’m not talking about is the “church people” we see in news clips holding venomous posters on the side of the road. That’s clearly toxic. What I am talking about is more subtle: church t-shirts that sell an exclusive membership. Or, rally cries intended to foster community within one church that instead suggest competition between churches. Or, insider language decorating an Instagram post without regard for how it may be interpreted in a public context. We say things outside our church walls that take on new meaning. We all need to get better at evaluating our language.


6 Podcasts We Think You Should Listen To

I asked my team at The Unstuck Group to share podcasts they think pastors should be listening to and why. If you’re new to podcasts, or just looking for some fresh voices to follow, here were some of our top picks.