June 3, 2005 Tony M.

Pizza and Sex

I ran across an interesting finding the other day. This comes from the May edition of Men’s Health magazine. (OK, I admit it. I have a subscription to Men’s Health. No, I’m not proud of it, but it has led to some fascinating conversations with my wife and for that I’m very grateful for the publishers that put out such a fine periodical that is committed to helping men experience healthy eating habits, improved exercise patterns, fashion sense and they hit other important topics that men consider from time to time which is all good and to be encouraged within the context of a biblical, healthy marriage and I’m probably not really justifying this very well for you but it works just fine for me so just leave me alone. My wife got me the subscription. So there.) According to the article, the Smell and Taste Center in Chicago found that the smell of pizza can actually raise the sex drive in men.

This finding sheds a great deal of light on a lot of things. Now I know why, as an example, I sense amorous feelings towards my wife whenever we eat Papa John’s pizza. Also, men generally eat a lot of pizza, which could explain why we tend to frequently have these amorous feelings for our wives.

Now, this really hasn’t been officially researched by the Smell and Taste Center in Chicago or any other prestigious research centers, but I’ve developed a list of some other activities, similar to smelling pizza, that appear to encourage the type of activity cited in the Men’s Health article. Here’s a sample list I’ve developed through my own observations:

  • smelling spaghetti
  • smelling lasagna
  • smelling leftover chicken casserole
  • smelling cabbage
  • smelling Brussels sprouts
  • tasting any of these foods
  • looking at any of these foods
  • shopping for any of these foods
  • playing golf
  • mowing the lawn
  • watching ESPN
  • filing my taxes
  • listening to music recorded in the 1980s
  • reading the business section of the Sunday paper
  • washing the dishes
  • drinking my morning coffee
  • blogging

Now, as I stated, these are just my unofficial findings. This will certainly require some additional research. Since it’s highly unlikely that there are any other Men’s Health magazine readers in the audience, I felt it was my obligation to keep you informed on these scientific breakthroughs.

Got to go. Remember…blogging is on the list.

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  1. Tammy McMullen

    All I have to say is that is quite a list except you forgot the sitting down and having mundane conversations about your day, oh yeah that is what your wife needs:)
    YOu crack me up!!!!!!!!

  2. Julie Smies

    This might explain why you and Emily have 4 children and counting…..

  3. Jeff

    Hmmm…thank for raising this important issue. I’ll need to do my own “research” on this as well.

  4. Nick

    I ran across the link from twitter…
    I could definately add to your research list from research of my own, unfortunately I would hijack this post as my comment would be extremely long, so I’ll just say, I am sure your research one day will be verified, if it has not been already in the last 3 years by some research group! :)

  5. I think this is a project that may be too much for one man. I’m going to help you out here, Tony, and begin my own research into this at once.

    I’ll get back to you with my findings……..

  6. Does the smell of anything NOT raise the sex drive of men? Jk. I’m sure there are, like, two smells that are a turnoff. Found your post entertaining, but not quite appropriate for my savvy-spending blog so I pimped you out on Facebook.

  7. I think you’re findings are inconclusive. You need to conduct some more research.

    I may conduct some independent research as well.

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