October 13, 2005 Tony M.

Other Uses for My HP PSC 2175 All-In-One Printer

As an update to the post regarding my junkie HP printer, the replacement that was supposed to have arrived yesterday morning through an overnight delivery still hasn’t shown up. The good news, though, is that my family has helped me find some new uses for the all-in-one printer. Because of a hardware failure that can’t be repaired, the machine can no longer print, copy or scan. That’s no problem, though, because the kids figured out a few new ways we can continue to use the Hewlett Packard PSC 2175. For example…

Abby started using the HP printer as a step stool to help in the kitchen.


Kayla found that she could use the HP printer as a side table on which she could set her beverage.


Elisabeth Shue…I mean my wife, Emily…figured out that the HP printer was just the right height for a changing table for Brooke.


Jacob had the most fun with the HP Printer. He took it outside and began using it as a bike ramp.


And, then as the evening concluded, we all enjoyed a candlelit dinner with the HP Printer as our centerpiece on the dining room table.


There are probably many more uses for an HP PSC 2175. In fact, maybe you’ve used your junkie HP technology for similar uses in the past. If so, don’t hesitate to send me your pictures. At this rate, I’m not expecting to receive my replacement printer any time soon, so we have plenty of time to continue to mock the junkie customer service response from Hewlett Packard.

Oh, one more thing, have a "Fun Friday!"

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