April 25, 2006 Tony M.

Box Score for Weekend of April 22/23

Here’s the "box score" for this past weekend at Granger Community Church.

Music: "Anyway" by Nichole Nordeman

Message: "The Mystery of the Arts" — Mark Beeson, senior pastor, talked about the importance of the arts in helping the church connect with today’s culture. He also challenged us to look for God’s Truth in the art around us and consider: What does this beauty say to me? How does the art help me understand my role in my Creator’s story?

DavinciService Highlights: The media team put together a thought-provoking video that demonstrated how people respond to art (and Jesus) differently. The video, of course, is available online with the rest of the service on GCCwired.com.

Stats: 5,860 total attendance (4,633 adults + 1,227 kids); 27.4% increase from same weekend last year

Percentage of weekend attendance by service:

  1. Sun 10:15 am = 24%
  2. Sat 5:30 pm = 23%
  3. Sun 11:45 am = 21%
  4. Sat 7:30 pm = 20%
  5. Sun 8:45 am = 13%

Final Notes: Next week’s message will focus on the "Mystery of the Bible." That will also offer an opportunity to help the church "Focus on 5."

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