April 27, 2006 Tony M.

I’ve Been Buckinghamed

So, when I got back from lunch with part of the Granger gang this afternoon, I found that I had been Buckinghamed. Pictures of Marcus Buckingham were plastered all over my office. His face covered the pictures hanging on my walls. He was staring at me from my television. He was hanging over my desk. His face was hiding under my desk. The women in the office (who think Marcus is "dreamy") thought it would be funny to hang the Brit’s mug shot all over my office.

Though we have a staff handbook that specifically forbids "practical jokes" and calls staff to demonstrate "the highest respect for others," these women decided it would be appropriate to mock their boss. Come to find out, they ignored the handbook because Marcus told them to "First, break all the rules."

This, my friends, is why I have a bone to pick with the Catalyst crew. If they wouldn’t have invited Buckingham to speak, I wouldn’t be dealing with this type of shenanigans.

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