January 17, 2007 Tony M.

Emily Found Jesus this Morning

We’ve been praying for this moment for quite some time. Emily found Jesus this morning. She was a seeker. She knew there was something missing in her life. And, fortunately, she found Him.

Turns out, he was under the family room couch the entire time. In the process of preparing for our move, we are having the carpets cleaned this morning. When we pulled the couch out of the family room, there He was. You see, we’ve been missing the little, rubber, infant Jesus that goes with the kids’ nativity set. We thought we left Him in Florida. Turns out He was under the couch the entire time.

In case you’re wondering, Jesus is now in the storage area with the rest of our Christmas items. He’ll be boxed up and shipped to South Carolina. There’s an illustration somewhere in this about putting Jesus in a box. For now, though, I’m just grateful to know Emily found Him.

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