April 21, 2008 Tony M.

Leadership Thoughts from Matthew 22-28

I’m in the process of going back through the Bible viewing it through
the eyes of a leader. Here are more thoughts from Matthew:

  • Jesus was able to narrow it all down to two statements: "Love the Lord your God" and "Love your neighbor as yourself." Can you state your mission in only ten words? (22:36-40)
  • I find it interesting that Jesus would sometimes ask questions to make a point rather than using statements. (22:41-46)
  • To have influence, I have to embrace humility. (23:11-12)
  • Jesus pointed out that there are parts of the law that are more important than others. Does that suggest that there are parts of the Bible that are more important than others? And, if so, should that be the focus of our teaching? (23:23-24)
  • Jesus didn’t appreciate the religious leaders of his day. He frequently called them "hypocrites." They tried to obey the rules and traditions but forgot to obey God. (23:27,33)
  • Do you sense an urgency? (24:44)
  • Everything belongs to God. (25:14)
  • I will have to give an account for how I steward my leadership gifts. (25:19)
  • As leaders, we need to encourage people ("Well done, good and faithful servant"), position people for success ("I will put you in charge of many things") and celebrate with people ("share your master’s happiness!"). (25:21)
  • Leadership requires risk. Leadership requires action. God doesn’t reward the cautious. (25:26-30)
  • "The disciples did as Jesus had directed them." Am I doing what Jesus has directed me to do? (26:19)
  • Jesus has all authority. He has the power to do anything–to fix anything. Yet, his primary mission for us on earth is to make disciples. (28:18-20)
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