April 21, 2008 Tony M.

North Point Launches New Website

Am I late to the game, or did North Point just launch their new website? New logo. New color-scheme. Fresh look. Lots of white space. I love it!

While you’re checking it out, here are some things I loved:

  • "Next" — Oh, my. Why don’t we eliminate all the noise and make it painfully obvious what I’m supposed to do "next" at North Point? That’s brilliant!
  • "Ten Before" — Watch the "Ten Before" video under the News & Announcements tab. That’s a fantastic way to communicate the priorities of what’s happening at North Point. And, they produced it in a way that also communicates, "we know how to speak to today’s media-driven culture."
  • YouTube! — Rather than trying to develop our own media player, here’s a novel idea: Let’s just use the media player that the rest of the world is using. Why is it that churches always try to recreate the wheel rather than using the communications tools that the culture has embraced? North Point wins 100 bonus points for simply saying, "We’ll just use YouTube."

OK, there’s more fun stuff for you to check out, but I’ll let you discover it on your own.

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