April 28, 2008 Tony M.

Leadership Thoughts from Romans 1-8

I’m in the process of going back through the Bible viewing it through
the eyes of a leader. Here are some thoughts from Romans:

  • Paul was first a "servant" of Jesus before he was a leader that helped establish the Church. (1:1)
  • "At whatever point you judge the other, you are condemning yourself, because you who pass judgment do the same things." But it’s so easy to point out the shortcomings of others…especially in blog world. (2:1)
  • Character is defined when no one but God is looking. (2:16)
  • I find it interesting that come people accused Paul of evil because of his ministry approach including his teaching on God’s grace. History tends to repeat itself. (3:8)
  • We can’t earn God’s friendship. Sometimes that’s a hard truth to comprehend for a control-freak like me. (4:2-3)
  • Where there is suffering, there’s an opportunity for hope. (5:3-5)
  • If God has an "abundant provision of grace," why do some think very few people can experience that gift? (5:17)
  • It’s interesting that even after Paul decided to follow Christ, he was honest about his propensity for sin. That ability to be real certainly helps those of us who face similar challenges. (7:7-25)
  • When I don’t know what to do or pray or even think, the Holy Spirit is there to step in on my behalf. Weakness is actually good. (8:26-27)
  • "If God is for us, who can be against us?" That’s where we find strength. (8:31)
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