January 18, 2009 Tony Morgan


Here are some lines from Perry’s message today that caught my attention:

  • “I want us to get comfortable with things being uncomfortable.”
  • “We have such a desire to be comfortable that we ignore the world around us.”
  • “There are family and friends that would go to hell if they died today…and that doesn’t bother you.”
  • “God is love, but God is also wrath.”
  • “Is it God’s fault that we experience his wrath or is it our fault?”
  • “God’s love is powerful, but God’s wrath is also powerful.”
  • “It’s not this church’s job to save the environment. It’s our job to reach people for Jesus.”
  • “I’ve never met an atheist that I didn’t like, but I’ve met people that call themselves Christians that get on my last flippin’ nerve.”
  • “God didn’t call us to yell at people.”
  • “When you love Jesus and begin to pursue him with all your heart, you’re going to be persecuted.”
  • “Church isn’t supposed to be our hobby. Jesus is supposed to be our passion.”
  • “It’s time to piss mom off.”
  • “The church wasn’t created to be a museum for saints but a hospital for sinners.”
  • “We’re too obsessed with icons and not living a sacrificial life with Jesus.”
  • She was singing, “Hide it under a bush? Hell no!”

Watch the NewSpring website for the video of today’s message later this week.

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Tony Morgan

Tony Morgan

Tony is the Chief Strategic Officer and founder of The Unstuck Group, theunstuckgroup.com. For 14 years, Tony served on the senior leadership teams at West Ridge Church (Dallas, GA), NewSpring Church (Anderson, SC) and Granger Community Church (Granger, IN). He's written several books and articles that have been featured with the Willow Creek Association, Catalyst and Pastors.com.
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