March 21, 2010 Tony Morgan

My 21 Favorite Android Apps

After several years of being a Blackberry guy, I recently switched from the AT&T network back to Sprint and picked up an HTC Hero using the Android operating system. It’s been fun discovering new Android apps over the last few weeks. Here’s my current list of favorites:

  • Amazon – It allows me to scan barcodes on books in Barnes & Noble and see what the comparable price is on Amazon.
  • Barcode Scanner – I can scan anything with a barcode and shop online using Google Shopper.
  • Evernote – It’s the primary way I document everything I do in meetings including capturing pictures of whiteboard sessions.
  • Expensify – When I travel, this app let’s me track expenses, upload receipts, track mileage and request reimbursements.
  • Fandango – I can browse movies, find theaters and purchase tickets from my phone.
  • Golf Channel Mobile – This app is going to come in handing this week as I follow the Masters coverage.
  • Google Voice – It’s one of the key reasons I never switched to an iPhone. I use Google Voice for all my calls.
  • Live Scores – Provides updates on NCAA, NFL, MLB, etc. scores.
  • NewsRob – This is an app that allows me to read Google Reader content offline.
  • Pandora – It’s still my favorite mobile app for streaming music. (My favorite is the Justin Timberlake channel.)
  • PDAnet – The app provides the ability to tether for Internet access.
  • Redbox Codes – Allows me to get free DVD rentals from Redbox kiosks.
  • Seesmic – Even though I still use Tweetdeck on my laptop, I’m using Seesmic for Twitter on my mobile.
  • Shazam – A nifty tool that listens to music on the radio and then identifies the track, album and artist.
  • Sprint Navigation – Powered by telenav, this has been a huge time saver now that we’re trying to get our way around Atlanta traffic.
  • SprintTV – My favorite channel is the new live streaming of ESPN. Love it!
  • TripIt – I’m able to forward confirmations for flights, hotels and cars and this app tracks my itineraries.
  • – I can watch clips and full episodes of CBS programming.
  • WordPress – The app allows me to manage on the fly.
  • YouVersion – This let’s me connect to the online Bible reading site including over 40 translations and 20 reading plans.
  • Zillow Real Estate – Helps us find homes for sale and home values as we’re trying to hunt down our next home.

    Those are my favorites. What am I missing?

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    Tony Morgan

    Tony is the Founder and Lead Strategist of The Unstuck Group. Started in 2009, The Unstuck Group has served 500 churches throughout the United States and several countries around the world. Previously, Tony served on the senior leadership teams of three rapidly growing churches including NewSpring Church in South Carolina. He has five published books including, The Unstuck Church, and, with Amy Anderson, he hosts The Unstuck Church Podcast which has thousands of listeners each month.

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    1. You should check out redboxer too. You can search and reserve movies at kiosks near you. Pretty handy alternative to actually using the redbox site.

      I love my android phone. I’m glad I didn’t go with the iPhone and got away from AT&T.

    2. Nick

      Thanks for these Apps. I just upgraded to an Android phone, so these will help me get started.

    3. PDANet allows you to use your Android phone as a modem.

      Newspapers gives access to all of the major and many minor US, UK, and Canadian newspapers.

      Google Sky Map lets you geek out with a chart of the stars and constellations by moving the phone overhead.

    4. I use the Weather Channel App every day, sometimes multiple times. If you bank through Bank of America, the BOA App is fantastic. Tip Calculator and other less significant Apps are helpful as well. I dig my Hero and I hope you enjoy as well!


    5. I echo the sentiments about Google Sky Map. It is a lot of fun with my kids when we are out in the evening. It operates amazingly smooth. I use it much more on my Moto Droid than another Google novelty app called Goggles (Visual search).

      I recommend Taskiller to keep open apps from sucking the life out of your battery.

      I prefer Weatherbug for my weather app … they have the best widget IMHO.

      And for geolocation, I enjoy Foursquare, Urbanspoon & Yelp. If Gowalla could ever get their act together and fix all the bugs then it’d be my first choice. Instead I usually use their mobile website.

      Some other random free apps that I have kept after trying a zillion:

      Cnet Scan (Personal preference of all the scan & compares)
      Labyrinth Lite
      Abduction! (Who doesn’t love aliens capturing bouncing cows?)

    6. I just switched from NewsRob to Pulse for my RSS reader app. I like the UI & features of Pulse better than NewsRob. I also line that I can search for other feeds by topic or keyword within Pulse & quickly add it to my list.

    7. I have an iPhone but use many of these apps. I downloaded Barcode Scanner but it hasnt worked for me yet. Not sure what the problem is.

      Thanks for the recommend.


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