December 24, 2010 Tony Morgan

#9 in 2010: Ladies, How to Welcome a Man Home

Brian Dodd

Brian Dodd

The #9 most popular post of 2010 was actually a guest article from Brian Dodd, Director of Market Development at INJOY Stewardship Solutions. As I mentioned back in August, it’s begging for a response from a woman in the crowd who’s willing to write about how a man should value his wife. Any takers?


Ladies, How to Welcome a Man Home

“He’s home! He’s home! He’s home!” My favorite part of each day takes place between 6:30 to 7:00 PM every night. That is when the garage door goes up, the car pulls in, and I walk in the door arriving home from a hard but productive day at work. It has become our family tradition that when I arrive, my wife and daughter shout those six wonderful words in unison. There are then hugs and kisses and a general mini-celebration. I love my job but I also love coming home!

Hollywood experts tell us the initial scene of any movie is critical. The opening scene creates conflict. Man against man; Man against nature; or Man against himself. The opening act sets the stage for the rest of the movie. When a man arrives home, how he is welcomed sets the stage for the rest of the evening.

The following is what I experience and feel because of the way my wife and daughter welcome me home every evening:

  1. Confidence – The level of a man’s performance is in direct proportion to his wife’s confidence in him. They make me feel so valued and important that I feel I can accomplish almost anything.
  2. Encouragement – Whatever redeemable qualities I have as a husband and father are reinforced and their attitude compels me to build on those qualities and be the best leader that I possibly can.

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Tony Morgan

Tony Morgan

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