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Today We Are RichEarlier this week, Today We Are Rich, the newest book by Tim Sanders was released. The book is filled with principles to embrace values like generosity and gratitude which ultimately help produce confidence. Here are my top ten highlights from my reading:

  1. “Because we were able to share, we’re worth something. By being able and willing to give, we are rich.”
  2. “If you mentally chew on something too long, it will get stuck in your psyche… Analyze something too deeply, and you’ll lose touch with reality.”
  3. “Never predict that another person will experience failure.”
  4. “Remember, your subconscious is easily directed by your actions, and giving what you feel you lack tells it there is a surplus after all.”
  5. “When you give, you need to come from a place of humility, seeking to give to others what you want for yourself. If you give because you feel sorry for the needy, you are not empowering them.”
  6. “Confidence in others requires a high level of trust, one at which you are willing to let go of your control of a situation.”
  7. “Leaders who don’t follow someone or something bigger than themselves will eventually become drunk with a false sense of their own power.”
  8. “How can you detect your higher purpose? It lies at the intersection of a make-a-difference opportunity and your personal capabilities.”
  9. “The essence of spiritual maturity is when we begin to follow a purpose and enjoy, but not be governed by, our passions.”
  10. “If you pursue your commitments the way you chase your dreams, you’ll someday realize how linked the two really are.”

Visit Tim’s site to download a free excerpt from the book, or use my Amazon link to purchase a copy for yourself.

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