February 8, 2012 Jason Vernon

Stop & Start 2012: Will Mancini

Will Mancini

As part of my series on things leaders should stop and start doing, I connected with Will Mancini.  Will is a Clarity Evangelist who started Auxano and wrote Church Unique so that ministry leaders can have amazing vision and focus.  Here are Will’s thoughts on shifts leaders should consider making in the new year.

Stop imitating.

Make 2012 the year to stop imitating.  No matter what your role is ask the question, “Who am I imitating?”  Are you a group’s pastor?  Reconsider the model you are following so you can reinvent.  Are you a children’s pastor?  Think about where your pattern of ministry came from and rethink how you might do it better.  Essentially, the imitation question forces a leader to look at their own default mode.  

We most easily imitate a highly visible model (books and conferences) or we imitate the past (the way things were set up before we arrived).  Trust in Jesus to show you the best way for your ministry in 2012.  Take a courageous step and tweak something.  Move from fast following and best practicing to future designing and better experimenting.

Start meeting new people.

One of the best things I ever started was meeting with a few new people each year just to learn from them.  I highly recommend it.  This year, I have identified three people that I will spend a day with for mentoring.  One is a consultant in a field different than my own.  One is a church consultant who is two decades ahead of me in experience and the other is a church leader with a ministry model that I want to learn more about.  My only cost for these meetings will be travel which is a small price to pay for the value of learning.  

Who could you learn from in 2012?  Pick up the phone and be prepared with a compelling case of why they should invest time with you.

You can follow more of Will’s thoughts and updates on Twitter.

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Jason Vernon

Jason Vernon

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