10 Reasons to Consider BVCMS


BVCMS is a web-based, ministry focused church management system. Here are a few benefits BVCMS Online Registrations can offer your local church:

  1. BVCMS Online Registrations can enhance your Vacation Bible School. Summer is coming! Have you considered using online registrations for your Vacation Bible School? Last year, our church used BVCMS to pre-register more than 3,000 children prior to the start of our VBS. The BVCMS check-in software allowed us to enroll an additional 300 kids in an hour and a half. The online registration also allowed our staff to click a link to quickly select their preferred area of service.
  2. BVCMS Online Registrations are convenient, efficient, time-saving, cost effective and functional.
  3. BVCMS Online Registrations allow people to be placed in small groups based on their indicated areas of preference.
  4. BVCMS Online Registrations prevent staff from struggling with illegible or incomplete handwritten forms. Data is accurate and complete.
  5. BVCMS Online Registrations have the capability to send emails and reminders.
  6. BVCMS Online Registrations allow online payments which eliminates checks and cash. Deposits can be made for large free events like mission trips and youth camps.
  7. BVCMS Online Registrations can be set-up to receive extra donations for special funds (i.e. Fundraisers for mission trips).
  8. BVCMS Online Registrations can occur anytime and anyplace. They eliminate lines, postage and paper.
  9. BVCMS Online Registrations allow email confirmations to be sent to registrants.
  10. BVCMS Online Registrations allow you to advertise your events on your website. They provide opportunities for new people to sign-up for your events.

You will be surprised at how many people will respond when you make it easy for them! Does your church management system provide these benefits? If not, check out BVCMS.


This is a sponsored post from BVCMS, one of my ministry partners on TonyMorganLive.com

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