August 29, 2012 Jason Vernon

Technology Helps Church Maximize Assimilation Process

Without people, there is no community.

Church Community Builder recently interviewed three churches to better understand how they are using technology to define and support assimilation in their respective churches. Download the case study for free by simply “liking” their Facebook Page. You’ll find several case studies available under the “Resources” tab.

It’s not enough to make sure there are enough new people coming in the front door to overcome the people leaving through the back door. Leaders must be certain that the opportunity to connect in meaningful ways happens systematically and successfully. If not, new relationships are at risk, and the gifts people have to offer the church community may never be realized.

The Role of Technology in Churches

Technology is not about stripping the humanity out of community. Instead, it is about giving leaders confidence that their process is functional and effective. It offers the chance to regularly measure, manage, and adjust the processes to ensure no one is overlooked due to a leader’s inability to see breakdowns within their assimilation strategy.

The discipline of defining a new system can be exhausting. It requires time, energy, and effort. Rarely does a church leader have extra time in the midst of chaotic schedules and the relentless demands of ministry.

Perhaps the more important question is this: Can we afford not to spend the time defining and systematizing assimilation in our church?

Beyond the spreadsheets and numbers are people who need to engage with authentic believers in genuine community. Without a systematic approach to assimilation, it is nearly impossible to feel confident that someone has not been overlooked, misplaced, or fallen away.

“The numbers don’t give leaders bragging rights. Instead, they push us to find the faces behind the numbers.”

Learn how three churches are using technology to eliminate needless energy spent managing makeshift systems using multiple tools and increases the time spent building relationships and expanding the Kingdom.

Ministry is about people, relationships, community, and impact. Those churches who strive to understand the process of assimilation recognize that doing the hard work necessary to understand, define, and implement a new approach pays off with an increased opportunity for life change and ministry impact.

How are you using technology to support assimilation in your church?

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Jason Vernon

Jason is the Director of Content Development for The Unstuck Group. He graduated from Liberty University with a degree in Marketing and a Master of Arts in Christian Leadership. He also received an MBA from Lynchburg College. Jason was a Marketing Consultant for over 7 years. He currently serves as Communications Director at Free Chapel in Gainesville, GA.
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