Capital Campaigns Will Impact Your Regular Giving


Make no mistake about it. Capital Campaigns will make a difference in your general budget giving. But it’s probably not in the way you might think.

A new case study from RSI Stewardship documents three churches who experienced sustained increases in general budget giving during and after a capital campaign.

Conventional thinking suggests that a special giving opportunity will diminish the dollars available for budget giving. Instead, experience shows that when givers are challenged to commit to special giving opportunities, general budget giving actually increases for an extended period of time.

Capital projects often result in the largest, most complex, and fully integrated fundraising effort most churches ever conduct. The need to raise money for on-campus improvements, facility expansion, local and international mission efforts, debt retirement, and a variety of other reasons is something no growing congregation can avoid.

Some of the questions church leaders often ask when considering a capital giving effort are:

  1. Will a capital campaign impact budget giving negatively?
  2. Are there a limited number of giving dollars available from the people in the pew?
  3. Is now the time to ask members to give to special needs?
  4. Will the recent economic meltdown and lingering recession negatively impact ongoing budget giving?

RSI Stewardship searched for the answers to these questions. They discovered the exact opposite of what a church leader might intuitively conclude. RSI Stewardship discovered that a special giving emphasis actually had a positive impact on budget giving.

They published their findings in a new case study: “Three Churches Connect Growth In Budget Giving To Recent Capital Campaigns.” Learn why three church leaders attribute recent capital campaigns to a sustained budget giving increase along with spiritual growth and transformation among respective givers in the area of stewardship and generosity.

What impact has special giving opportunities had on general budget giving in your church?

This is a sponsored post from RSI Stewardship, one of my strategic partners.
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