Churches Use Debt to Inspire Generosity and Build Momentum


Debt has risen to the top of conversation for many churches. Prior to that, most churches generally accepted the need to take on some debt in order to accomplish a building project with little conversation or concern. Church leaders increasingly feel the pressure to have strategic conversations around the role debt should play in ministry expansion.

In an effort to address the questions surrounding church debt, Joel Mikel, president of RSI Church Stewardship, published, “Debt Campaigns Can Work!” RSI has continued to expand the conversation surrounding this subject through a recently released case study, “Churches Use Debt To Inspire Generosity And Build Momentum For Future Ministry.”

Because the topic of debt is so important, RSI will be hosting a free webinar on October 24 for church leaders. You can sign up today.

What RSI discovered was that people will give generously to a debt campaign when it is coupled with vision that is clarified and outlined with a plan. It’s not enough to simply want to eliminate debt. There must be a vision that goes beyond debt so the congregation can completely understand and appreciate the empowering impact repurposing resources from debt service to ministry expansion can have on building momentum.

Every church approaches the conversation around debt differently. The key is not to avoid the conversation. Rather, church leaders should encourage open and honest dialogue around the subject. The person in the pew wants to know that his or her leaders are thinking about the future of the church—not just the present.

The purpose of a debt campaign isn’t about removing a negative stigma. Instead, it is an opportunity to approach ministry with a long-term perspective. Learn more about what your church should be thinking and what next steps you should be considering by signing up today for RSI’s free webinar about church debt on October 24.

What role does debt play in your ministry? How do you plan to strategically address debt in your church?

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