February 7, 2014 Jason Vernon

Your Church Should Be Paying Attention To Instagram

This week I read a blog post on Mashable called, How Many Teens Are Actually Leaving Facebook? Evidentially, teens are “Unliking” Facebook and flocking towards Instagram. Facebook’s demographics seem to be rapidly changing.

Articles like this mean absolutely nothing to mediocre organizations (churches). They just keep doing business as usual.

Remarkable organizations (churches) pay attention. They notice change happening and quickly embrace strategies and systems to capture every single opportunity.

instagram-powerFor those of you who want to be remarkable, here are 10 strategies to reach more people from the book Instagram Power by Jason Miles.

  1. Integrate Instagram into all of your other websites (main webpage, email signatures, newsletters).
  2. Ask existing customers, fans and followers to follow you on Instagram.
  3. Regularly show a behind-the-scenes look at how you do things.
  4. Make sure to follow the type of people you are trying to reach.
  5. Like lots of pictures every day and leave positive comments.
  6. Be brief with posts.
  7. Look for compelling ways to share your mission through images.
  8. Offer contests or giveaways.
  9. Share images of new things happening.
  10. Occassionally post your Instagram images to Facebook, Twitter and use the Facebook fan page InstaTab.

Photo Credit: garryknight via Compfight cc

Jason Vernon

Jason is the Director of Content Development for The Unstuck Group. He graduated from Liberty University with a degree in Marketing and a Master of Arts in Christian Leadership. He also received an MBA from Lynchburg College. Jason was a Marketing Consultant for over 7 years. He currently serves as Communications Director at Free Chapel in Gainesville, GA.
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