January 22, 2015 Ryan Stigile

3 Ways Any Team Can Start Leading Like A Megachurch

Ever wondered how megachurch pastors effectively lead such large organizations? With so many people and staff, how can they possibly keep everyone moving toward a common vision? In our latest research on Next Level Teams, we uncovered three leadership practices that the largest churches (3,000+) are much more likely to use. The best part is that each of these practices is within reach of every pastor, no matter the size of his or her church.

So if you’re ready to increase the potential of your own church’s growth, try taking these three steps from the megachurch playbook:

  1. Connect every program and ministry to a senior leader.

We asked church staff members how strongly they agreed that every program and ministry of their church is connected to someone on the senior leadership team. Staff members of megachurches were the most likely to agree. In our experience, it is common for churches to accumulate a variety of ministries over time. Some of them get the attention of senior leadership while others seem to float along under the radar. If you’re looking to lead a church toward a unified vision, build accountability by keeping everything tied to your senior leadership team.

  1. Set clear, measurable goals.

53% of megachurch staff members report having clear, measurable goals. While there is certainly room for improvement there, it’s still significantly more than those in smaller churches. In fact, just 26% of staff members at churches under 500 could say the same. Goals allow everyone to see exactly what they must do to move the vision forward. If you’re looking to keep your team focused on the right priorities, start by setting clear, measurable goals.

  1. Lead more through volunteers.

In churches of fewer than 500 people, the average staff member leads just 16 volunteers. Among megachurches, the average staff member leads 47 volunteers. If you’re looking to accomplish more in your ministry, hiring additional staff is not always the answer. Lead your staff to build larger teams of people using their spiritual gifts to make an impact.

Your ability to develop a great team significantly impacts the growth of your church. Are you looking to learn more about leading a great staff? Our latest research report is full of many more insights to help you do just that. Click below to download your free copy of Next Level Teams.


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Ryan Stigile

Ryan Stigile serves as the Executive Pastor of Rock Bridge Community Church, a 5-campus church with campuses in Georgia and Tennessee. Previously, as Director of Expansion at NewPointe Community Church (NE Ohio), Ryan led the launch and development of new multisite campuses. With Mount Paran Church (Atlanta, GA), he guided the leadership team through a strategic change initiative to simplify and align its ministries. Ryan has a Master of Business Administration from Kennesaw State University and degrees in business administration and discipleship ministry from Lee University. He lives in Dalton, GA with his wife Emily and their daughter, Addison.

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