January 26, 2015 Jason Vernon

Are You Too Busy To Read?

What do Willow Creek, Northpoint Church, and Saddleback all have in common? A number of things, really:

  • All are led by a world-class leader and top-notch communicator
  • All are large and influential churches
  • All see many people come to Christ each year
  • All have subscribed to Leaders Book Summaries!

While it would be the height of presumption to say that their subscription is the reason for their impact, their subscription does say something about what they value.

The way we spend our money shows what is important to us. Another thing all of those churches have in common is a commitment to identify, equip, and support leaders at every level in their body. A church subscription is one way to do that.

As a pastor, I can’t tell you how many times I have read a really good book and wanted my staff and leaders to read it so we could discuss it. I knew the ideas in the book would be really helpful to them. But getting them to read the book and have that discussion was a challenge, to say the least.

Some people were too busy, some didn’t like to read, some already had a backlog of books they hadn’t gotten to, etc. But it isn’t hard to get them to read a 12-15 page summary of a book—that feels doable, doesn’t take a lot of time, and gives them the best content in a manageable portion. And it enables me to invest in their growth as a leader—which ultimately benefits their specific teams and the whole church.

With a church subscription, you can put as many people from your church on the subscription as you want. Staff members, Board members, Elders, Deacons, lay leaders, future leaders—you can put all of them on. Some churches have more than 100 people on their subscription. There is no limit. If you want to invest in the development of your leaders, and build a culture where growing as a leader is considered healthy, you should consider a church subscription.

Listen to what other leaders are saying:

Leaders Book Summaries are the single best resource I receive on a regular basis. It gives me a quick, short synopsis of the most important books affecting the Christian world. The summaries are effective in providing a brief yet thorough coverage of the material in the books. I highly recommend Leaders Book Summaries.    

Happy Leman, Regional Leader, Vineyard USA

All leaders are readers! Dave Frederick does a great service to all of us who desire to read more in order to lead better. I highly recommend his Leaders Book Summaries service to every pastor and church leader I know. Dave not only serves as a filter for what to read, he does the reading for you and gives you practical applications you can use ASAP!

Nelson Searcy, The Journey Church & Founder, Church Leader Insights

Of course, there are individual subscriptions as well as church subscriptions. You can pick what works best for you. And our friends at Leaders Book Summaries are giving readers of this blog their first month free. Check it out! Click here for more information.


This is a sponsored post from Leaders Book Summaries, one of our site sponsors of TonyMorganLive.com.

Photo Credit: Paisley patches (coming and going) via Compfight cc

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Jason Vernon

Jason is the Director of Content Development for The Unstuck Group. He graduated from Liberty University with a degree in Marketing and a Master of Arts in Christian Leadership. He also received an MBA from Lynchburg College. Jason was a Marketing Consultant for over 7 years. He currently serves as Communications Director at Free Chapel in Gainesville, GA.
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