August 12, 2016 Ryan Stigile

John Maxwell at GLS 2016 on The One Thing to Get Right

Just finished listening to Dr. John Maxwell’s Global Leadership Summit talk on “The One Thing to Get Right.” As always, Dr. Maxwell was incredibly quoteable. Here are the major points that stood out to our team, along with the ways we’ve seen them play out in church leadership.

“The One Thing to Get Right in Leadership: Intentionally, everyday, add value to people.”

It seems like this one should come naturally for church leaders, but the pace of ministry often causes us to overlook the people in our ministry. It’s easy to move from meeting to meeting and visit to visit, never pausing to be present with the people in the room. In the moment, we may not notice, but those around us do.

Are you pausing to invest in the people in front of you?

“There’s a thin line between motivating people and manipulating people.”

In ministry, it’s easy to allow ourselves to drift over that line, justifying manipulation for the sake of our mission. Through our energetic pursuits to reach more people for Jesus, it’s easy to unknowingly damage the people closest to us.

Here’s the question Maxwell uses to determine which side of the line a leader is on:

“Are you adding value to people or are you asking people to add value to you?” (He’s even asked it of the President.)

Which side of the motivating/manipulating line have you been on lately?

“People have uphill hopes and downhill habits.”

As a leader, it is our responsibility to help people identify and overcome those habits. I believe this is especially pivotal to leading people spiritually. We must help them break negative habits to take uphill steps toward becoming the person God’s called them to be. This isn’t just true of the members of your congregation. It’s just as important to leading the people on your staff.

Are your team members growing or just getting things done? And are you investing in their growing as much as their doing?

Here are a few more favorite quotes from Dr. Maxwell’s talk:

  • Everything worthwhile is uphill. The only way to break a downhill battle is to make an intentional habit. No one has ever talked about accidental achievement.
  • Christians are seen as Correctors vs. Connectors. Christ followers are going to have to make a choice. Are we going to spend our life connecting with people or correcting them?
  • At the end of a day, always ask, “Did I add value to people today?”


So, how do we add value to people? Here’s the cycle Dr. Maxwell shared:


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Ryan Stigile

Ryan Stigile serves as the Executive Pastor of Rock Bridge Community Church, a 5-campus church with campuses in Georgia and Tennessee. Previously, as Director of Expansion at NewPointe Community Church (NE Ohio), Ryan led the launch and development of new multisite campuses. With Mount Paran Church (Atlanta, GA), he guided the leadership team through a strategic change initiative to simplify and align its ministries. Ryan has a Master of Business Administration from Kennesaw State University and degrees in business administration and discipleship ministry from Lee University. He lives in Dalton, GA with his wife Emily and their daughter, Addison.
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