August 25, 2016 Bill Demartini

A Better Church Budget Starting Now

You may remember a webinar we held back in April with some good friends of ours at Church Community Builder around Church Budgeting. For the people who registered for that webinar, we made available our Church Budget eBook, Build Your Budget, Build The Kingdom.
Now we are making that eBook available to everyone. This book is 30-plus pages of practical processes you can put in place to help you expect:
  • Greater trust between leaders and donors.
  • More ownership of the process (throughout the church).
  • A deeper level of accountability for spending decisions.
  • More integration of ministry efforts.
  • Timely, accurate, and appropriate financial communication.
  • Better decision-making.
  • A process that will scale as you grow.
  • Shared responsibility for good stewardship practices.
  • A process that will leverage the strengths of various team members.
  • True stewardship of all ministry opportunities (not just handling money).
A well-crafted budget process is not a cure-all that will guarantee smooth financial management for your church, but it will provide a solid foundation that can be built on.

Download this information-filled ebook for FREE now:

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Bill Demartini

Bill DeMartini is the Marketing Manager for MAG Bookkeeping. Before joining MAG Bookkeeping, Bill attended the University of Georgia and worked for over 10 years in the B2B software space.
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