October 12, 2016 Church Community Builder

4 Ways Technology Influences and Improves Disciple Making

When you think about improving discipleship growth, technology is probably not the first thing that comes to mind. In recent years we’ve seen churches improve discipleship growth through the effective use of technology in their ministries. By exploring the shifts we need to make in our thinking and practices, we better arm ourselves for the future of our ministries.

Discipleship too, just like other ministry areas, needs efficient systems and processes that drive engagement and facilitates building community.

Here are four ways technology can influence and improve discipleship growth:

  • Technology connects people

We live in a world that, through technology, is more connected than ever before. Churches have the opportunity to connect with people and congregants in a unique way both remotely and instantaneously.

Two-thirds of the world uses a smartphone or the internet. Are you using that to connect people to your church and each other, to build community and engage people?

Church Community Builder’s Group Leader App for example, is about connecting with people and showing them they’re valued. It puts the power of connection into the hands of every small group leader in your church allowing them to communicate with ease and manage groups effectively.

  • Technology helps you maximize your systems

The factors influencing effective disciple-making are endless. It is great having systems and processes in place that facilitate effective disciple-making, but how do you track and measure their effectiveness?

Technology offers the opportunity to regularly measure, manage, and adjust the processes to ensure that no one is overlooked. Using a management and scheduling tool for your volunteers can help your program run efficiently while establishing a trackable process and workflow.

  • Technology helps churches grow with constant contact

In this current age there are an endless amount of channels for communication, and opportunities to engage congregants and build community. Technology makes those channels and opportunities available at the touch of a button.

From social media to your website your church is able to connect with members, with no geographic limitations, in a manner that is unique and more personal than your Sunday morning service.

Those channels and opportunities are essentially some of your church’s best discipleship tools. You are able to stay connected and provide valuable resources to members in their journey with Christ.

  • Technology helps you make better informed ministry decisions

It is safe to say that intuition or following your gut is not always the best strategy for success. While time and experience provide invaluable intuition, it doesn’t always paint the most accurate picture.

Technology bridges the gap between intuition and information. It allows you to base your decisions on accurate data that has been tracked and measured over time. Good data is essential to building systems and processes that support long-term sustainability and management.

With so many tech-savvy processes and software available, the success of your church’s disciple-making ministry is — literally — at your fingertips.

What Next?

Learn more about how technology influences and helps churches win at disciple making by downloading Getting Disciple Making Right offered by Church Community Builder.

Photo credit: www.lifeofpix.com via pexels.com

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