December 28, 2016 Guest Contributor

The 70s Called, and They Want Their Strategy Back

There were some great things about the 1970s.

Sideburns and shag haircuts included. That was cool back then, but does anyone go out in public like that today?

Not many people do, and it’s hard to believe there are some churches out there that are still trying to dress and function like we’re still living in the 70s. The way they keep up with records, the way they handle giving, the way they budget, and the way they handle staffing are all straight from that decade.

Staffing is a big one, and technology has allowed what’s possible with your workforce to change significantly as well. No longer does your bookkeeper need to be sitting at a desk in your church office, balancing the books with pencil and paper. A remote workforce can be efficient and cost-effective in many ways.

The virtual bookkeepers at Belay work remotely with clients all over the country. Back in the 70s, no one would have ever expected that to be possible one day. But it is possible, and working with virtual bookkeepers has been a great option for so many churches.

For more information on staffing issues, we’ve developed this free resource, 9 Reasons to Rethink Your Approach to StaffingMaking some changes in this area can help you move forward, increase productivity, minimize risk and make sure your church is not living in a decade of the past. Check it out!

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