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Thank you for sharing 2016 with us! It was an exciting year (I’ll share more about that tomorrow).

We tried to stir up some important conversations for church leaders this year, and some of the most popular were about church health, learning a planning process, why churches of all sizes get stuck, and less frequent attendance patterns.

Here’s a recap of the Top 10 articles on in 2016. Check out any of these posts that you may have missed, and we look forward to sharing more ways to help you get unstuck in 2017.

1. Programs, Paths and Healthy Church Growth

Churches experiencing the most healthy growth tend to have a discipleship approach in the form of a path. These churches have realized that defining a discipleship path without cutting programs won’t work.

2. 10 Signs Your Church Is Headed For Decline In 2016

Church leadership teams often ignore, or miss entirely, the warning signs that their church is headed for decline. We’ve seen these 10 indicators of an impending decline over and over again.

3. 7 Reasons Mid Size Churches Get Stuck

“Stuck” means different things for different churches. Though every church is unique, these are some of the common challenges we see in mid-size churches.

4. How The Orchard Church Grows Despite People Attending Less Frequently: Fast-Growing UMC Churches (Part 1)

I thought these pastors’ stories might encourage other UMC pastors, as well as those in other mainline denominations experiencing a season of decline.

5. 6 Ways We Ignore Unchurched Guests on Easter

In the midst of planning and preparing for Easter, many churches over-estimate their level of readiness to reach unchurched people.

6. 6 Church Structure Issues I See All the Time

Before putting together a strategic plan, it’s crucial to make sure the church staff and structure will support ministry health and growth. These are some common mistakes I’ve seen when it comes to structuring a staff team.

7. The 4 Phase Planning Process for Church Leaders

Learning a great planning process is good stewardship of Kingdom resources. Great planning processes include four key elements.

8. 7 Reasons Why Small Churches Get Stuck

Although churches of every size can get stuck, there are some challenges that seem to be common in small churches.

9. Panic at the Church: Dealing with Less Frequent Attendance Patterns

Often times, leaders in churches facing attendance decline are concerned that people are attending services less frequently. But it’s important to recognize that there are other factors, besides decreasing frequency, that are contributing to the overall attendance decline.

10. 12 Clues That You Are a Micromanager

Are you holding onto too much control? This leadership flaw won’t serve your church or the Kingdom well in the long-run.

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