3 Challenges Every Church Faces & How to Overcome Them


While successful churches know the numbers of who is showing up to their services every week, they also recognize that to do amazing ministry in their communities, they must truly care about who those people are, why they showed up, whether they will come back, and how to deeply connect with them.

All churches face the same challenges with assimilation, engagement and retention, but successful churches know they must think critically about how they can better measure, monitor and manage the process of moving their people and their ministries forward.

And when technology is leveraged to convert the variability of human experience into measurable and actionable metrics, a church can proactively equip itself with the numbers needed to make effective, thoughtful plans and decisions.

Here’s how technology can help churches overcome three of their biggest challenges:

1. Assimilation: Know Your People

You can’t disciple someone without a relationship so stewarding requires a good process to connect people to your church through those relationships. Churches that connect well are also good at creating disciples. Therefore, churches can employ church management software to help them manage the execution of their mission and help move people toward full engagement in the mission and ministries of your church.

2. Engagement: Grow Your People

If you want to move your church members from audience to action, it’s important to know who is involved – and at what level. Church management software helps you see if people are following through with their commitments – or if they are even committing at all.

You can also identify their interests, equip them with everything they need to grow, and invite them to participate to move people from marginal to missional engagement.

3. Retention: Keep Your People

Retention is a numbers game and like most games, once you understand the basics, you can develop your strategy and skills. And your church’s numbers, once properly documented, measured and understood with the help of your church management software, can provide you the metrics to help you and your ministry focus on people. And that’s what retention is all about – engaging people to create meaningful relationships that ensure those people stick around.


When properly measured and tracked, your numbers will offer you invaluable insight into the health and vitality of your church – and will help you build the community of believers you’ve always desired.


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