March 16, 2017 Tony Morgan

2 Documents You Need for an Effective Communications Strategy

My good friend Kem Meyer recently shared the only two documents you need for your communications strategy. Whether your team has written tons of communications strategies or you have yet to write your first one, Kem shares the wisdom of committing to simplicity.

My good friend Kem Meyer recently shared her take on the only two documents you need for your communications strategy. There’s wisdom in committing to simplicity. Here’s part of what she shared: 

If you’re writing a communications strategy for the first time or the fiftieth time I’m a big believer in simplicity. The more pages and detail you have in your plan, the harder it is to execute. There are so many great, multi-page templates out there that are impressively robust. I’ve used many of them. I used to write them myself. I’ve also worked with some of the best and brightest agencies and consultants in the marketplace who have solid, researched deliverables with professionally designed tables, charts and graphs. They are beautiful, comprehensive strategy manuals that NASA scientists would envy. They hold a ton of great information that’s right and true, but not portable or contagious.

In my experience, the bigger the strategy document, the more likely it is to end up in a binder on someone’s desk or lost in a network file folder. Inevitably, in these cases, there also ends up being a stressed out communications person (or team) who lives in a constant state of frustration trying to understand why nobody is following the plan! I’ve seen it countless times.

As church leaders, we need our mission and strategy to be portable and contagious. Head over to Kem’s site and grab (for free) the
only two documents you’ll need for your communications strategy. These one-page documents are at-a-glance tools that will serve as the strategy compass for your day-to-day work and decisions.

Are you defining your church’s communication strategy as a part of an overall church rebrand? If so, also be sure to check out 7 Steps to Successfully Launch a Church Rebrand.

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Tony Morgan

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