January 17, 2018 Portable Church Industries

Why to Launch NOW, Not Later

You Don’t Need to Hold Back From Your Multisite Launch

There’s a common trait of growing churches, young church planters, and early launch teams who dream of multiplying: they keep cooling their heels – and it can go on for months, even years.

You’re possibly asking the question, “Should we wait to launch until…?”

Until we…

  • Have more people
  • Have the funds to build
  • Feel ready

Are you filling in the blank to this question with another reason to postpone your launch?

Naturally, all your questions and concerns are valid. And it’s true that you should develop a plan and strategy for your new church or campus.

But, we think you don’t need to hold back so much – and not for much longer.

Over the summer, Leadership Network and Portable Church Industries published the findings of a survey of more than 1,500 pastors of churches started in the previous 7 years. The participants of the survey were about evenly split between being single site and multisite, as well as being located in portable and permanent facilities.

For the past few years, churches that have launched are seeing exceptional outcomes. They’re reaching people in their communities, including young people; millennials are making up a big chunk of regular visitors in new congregations. More people are sharing the gospel and inviting their unchurched friends and family to Sunday service. And, volunteers are happy to step in and step up.

What made them move toward multiplication?

They had a vision to do so.

The carefully collected and evaluated data, compiled by Dr. Warren Bird of Leadership Network, is available in a free report, 8 Launch Wins: A Study of 1,500-Plus New Churches and Multisite Campuses.

In fact, many churches who aren’t ready to build – one of the biggest hurdles for many church leaders – are doing just as well, if not better, in a portable space than churches with a permanent one. That’s a useful response for those who are “filling in the blank” to our question above: You can launch even if you’re renting in the short-term.

So, if you’re asking any of these questions or more; if you feel stuck about starting that new church you’ve been dreaming and meeting about, download this valuable, free report today here.

Go after your vision, launch soon, and experience the same fruitful wins!

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Portable Church Industries

Portable Church Industries

Portable Church® Industries launched over twenty years ago as a business partner to church plants and multi-site churches that valued launching strong, operational efficiency, and caring for their volunteers. Today, with close to 50 full-time employees and dedicated design, manufacturing, warehousing, and integration facilities based near Detroit, Michigan, their creativity, experience and passion have grown even more focused and deep as they equip and empower new local churches to launch and thrive in rented spaces across the US and Canada.
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