March 15, 2019 Troy Page

Easter Service Planning – 10 Things To Consider

10 things to consider when it comes to planning, programming and promoting Easter services.
The Easter countdown is on. If you haven’t started planning, you are quickly falling behind.

Tony and I put our heads together and thought of 10 things to consider when it comes to planning, programming and promoting Easter services:

1) Use free tickets to build anticipation.

Establish the expectation that this is going to be a huge weekend.

2) Develop and talk about a big audacious attendance goal for Easter.

Cast a huge vision for what this will accomplish in the church and community.

3) Plan additional service options that may include Thursday and Friday evening services, a big outdoor service early Sunday morning, or an outdoor baptism service.

If the weather is nice, people love sunrise services and Easter baptisms.

4) Go big with the experience but still give people a taste of your normal Sunday.

Don’t do what you did last year and the year before that. Try to capture the attention of the “Easter Attenders” and don’t just preach to Christians.

5) Include the entire team in creating the experience including guest services, kid’s programming, students, etc.

Parents will bring their kids to an awesome children’s experience at Easter.

6) Promote a new series on Easter Sunday that either starts on Easter or the following week.

Remember that the win is not how many people show up for Easter—it’s how many people come back. Shoot for 75% of your Easter crowd.

7) Consider having all your kids sing during services one weekend leading up to Easter.

They’ll bring their parents and grandparents who will hear your Easter teaser.

8) Start promoting four weeks before and avoid the typical “Come celebrate Easter with us.”

Every other church does this. Be distinctive and generate a reaction rather than just sharing information.

9) Blow up social media with more than just Easter information.

Brainstorm memorable videos, quotes, infographics, life change stories, and other teasers that people will want to share.

If all of this sounds overwhelming or impossible to pull off, this may be a great time to evaluate your weekend service structure. Check out The Unstuck Group’s Ministry Health Assessment. This phase of the Unstuck Process includes a “Secret Shop” by one of our ministry consultants that will help you gain a better understanding of how your weekend service feels through the eyes of an unchurched member of your community

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Troy Page

Troy Page

Troy serves as the executive pastor of communications, at Pinelake Church in Mississippi. He oversees communications, marketing and video production. For over 15 years he served on the senior leadership teams of Fellowship Church (Dallas/Fort Worth) and West Ridge Church (Dallas,GA). He served as a lead teacher communicating with audiences of 20,000+ people. He also has experience working with Dave Ramsey and The Lampo Group.
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