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Chad Hunt

Chad is a Ministry Consultant at The Unstuck Group. He served as the lead pastor for sixteen years in a town of 2,000 people, where he grew a church from 60 to 600 people. Chad currently serves as the executive pastor at Eagle Heights Church in Somerset, KY and leads strategic planning sessions for the rural pastors at the Center of Rural Church Advancement at the Nebraska Christian College in Omaha.

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The average age of the congregation was 62 years old. The budget had been red for a while; the church was only a few years away from being cashless. They were on life support. The elders knew it, and that’s why they called The Unstuck Group. But their leadership model didn’t allow them to make changes for growth…

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Vision causes excitement. People will rally around “what can be” pretty easily. However, vision has to become more than just words; it must generate something deeper than an emotional moment. When vision casting isn’t followed by vision execution, it probably means the the vision is stuck in death valley.