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Tiffany Deluccia

Tiffany is Director of Marketing & Communications for The Unstuck Group. She graduated from Clemson University and spent five years working in public relations with major national retail brands, nonprofits and churches on content creation, strategic planning, communication consulting, social media and media relations. She also founded and writes for, a devotional blog for young women and teen girls.

Leadership & Management pastoral-succession-tips

Ginghamsburg Church in Ohio has quite the history of growth and effective church leadership. Mike Slaughter, the current Senior Pastor, has become known as an early innovator in multiple areas of ministry. So, how does succession work in a church with a history of leadership like that? We caught up with Mike and incoming lead pastor Chris Heckaman to get their insights as this church enters a new season.

Leadership & Management church-vision-story-mural

Your vision is not your to-do list. It’s not the event calendar. It’s not your preaching schedule. It’s not your building repairs. It’s not your most pressing need. It’s easy to reduce vision to the next thing to be done. But the action items on your list are supporting players, and though they are very important ones, they too often grow to a gargantuan size, blocking out all light from the true aim — the very reason why you have a list at all.

Communications & Marketing toxic-church-language

Is the language of the culture within your church toxic to people living in the culture outside it? What I’m not talking about is the “church people” we see in news clips holding venomous posters on the side of the road. That’s clearly toxic. What I am talking about is more subtle: church t-shirts that sell an exclusive membership. Or, rally cries intended to foster community within one church that instead suggest competition between churches. Or, insider language decorating an Instagram post without regard for how it may be interpreted in a public context. We say things outside our church walls that take on new meaning. We all need to get better at evaluating our language.

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