Author Tony Caudill

Tony is the co-founder and CEO of aware3. Prior to founding aware3, Tony worked for Accenture, a Top 3 consulting firm, helping Fortune 500 companies grow through mobile. In 2013, his heart led him to apply that knowledge and experience in an area he felt needed it the most – the Church.

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You’re likely to see fewer faces in the audience over the next few months. Since you can’t rely on your congregation hearing announcements from the stage, communicating with your congregation over the summer can be a bit more challenging. Here are some tips to stay connected even while people are traveling for the summer:

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One thing we can count on each Easter is the Easter bump. Like Christmas, most of us experience a surge in our attendance on Easter morning. Many of us have to add a service, adjust times, or pull out extra chairs to accommodate the swelling crowds. And then a few weeks later, our attendance is usually back to normal. Unless we prepare to communicate and help those new people connect to the life of our church, most simply won’t come back.