Get Unstuck coaching network

At the Unstuck Group, we are passionate about helping you take the next step towards getting your church unstuck. With the desire to bridge this gap of isolation, we have created a unique opportunity for pastors to grow in community and learn with and from each other. This spring, we are launching 4 new leadership coaching networks in 2 different locations.

Administration outside vendor

How do you know when to hire an outside vendor for your church’s needs? If you are considering hiring an outside vendor to provide a service of any kind, there are a few simple questions to ask that can greatly reduce that stress and give you confidence as you approach vendors or contractors for project estimates.


Leadership Network and Portable Church Industries recently released a new report called “8 Launch Wins: A Study of 1,500-Plus New Churches and Multisite Campuses.” In this interview, I caught up with Warren Bird to discuss the findings of the study, as well as some of the multisite church trends my team at The Unstuck Group is seeing.

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