Leadership & Management Reducing-Span-of-Care

As I sat across from this senior leader at his desk, I knew he was overwhelmed because I saw his organizational chart before I walked into his office. Every leader of every ministry in the church reported directly to him, which is not an uncommon structure for small and mid-sized churches. That can work for a season. In my experience, though, when a church grows to 1,000 or more attendance, that structure will begin to buckle. The lead pastor’s span of care becomes too large.

Leadership & Management healthy-leadership-development

Wondering how to implement a healthy leadership development strategy? I recently had Eric Geiger, who leads the resources division at Lifeway and pastors ClearView Baptist Church in Franklin, TN, talk with one of my coaching networks about how churches can better develop leaders. He gave me permission to share a portion of that interview with my online readers. Here are some of the highlights.

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One of the biggest challenges every leader faces is how to continue developing and growing as a leader while still getting things done and moving things forward. With the ever-increasing demands on our time and energy, often the first thing that goes is investment in ourselves. We know that isn’t wise; it’s really very short-term thinking, but under the pressure of the moment we often make that choice. Here is one resource to help you continue growing as a leader.

Staffing & HR staffing-gap-teams

To move from where you are now to where God wants you to be in the future, you need teammates who are different than you. As you’re thinking beyond yourself and the team you are building, let me share some thoughts regarding the four types of people on any team.

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Imagine with me for a minute. It’s the middle of your small groups semester. You have signed up new leaders and launched your first all-church campaign. Things seem to be going great—until you start hearing about groups that are no longer meeting, leaders who have left the church, and members who are frustrated with your church’s latest attempt at creating community… so what happened?

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