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The Number Pastors Most Often Ignore

first time guests

There’s one other number pastors often ignore. It’s a challenging number to capture, but it can be a critical factor in helping us clarify whether we have a front door or back door problem.

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Show notes from the latest episodes of The Unstuck Church Podcast.

Mental Health – Episode 80 | The Unstuck Church Podcast

Depression. Loneliness. Anxiety. They’re becoming recurring health issues in our culture—even among church leaders. In this episode, Tony talks with Pastor Chris Hodges of the Church of the Highlands about the growing issue of Mental Health among Pastors and Church leaders.

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Miscellaneous video interviews and webinars.

Eric Geiger on How to Ruin Your Life

Today, it seems there are more and more unhealthy leaders. My recent conversation with Eric Geiger addresses how leaders are imploding their lives with 3 unchecked patterns we are all susceptible to.

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AKA my strategic artwork.

What’s the Enemy of Leadership Development?

leadership development

As a leader you will need to revisit these questions throughout your life, as your environments change and as you lead at new levels. You may see yourself cycle through this model in various capacities over time. Leaders keep developing.

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Are You Leading a High Impact Team?

high impact teams

Every part of the body must be alive and growing. And no one wants to be a part of an unhealthy, underperforming team. These are the two components necessary for a high impact team.

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