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I’m closing in on 20 years working in and with churches. Along the way, I’ve seen many amazing ministries. But I’ve also seen churches do some crazy things. Here are 10 examples of things I’ve seen churches do that lead directly to church splits.

Leadership & Management start-listening-podcasts

According to recent research, 4 out of 5 people aren’t regularly listening to a podcast. Personally, I have found podcasts to be a valuable tool. I’m sure there are many reasons for those statistics, but I started to wonder if at the most basic level, the majority of people still don’t know exactly what a podcast is or how they could benefit from taking the time to figure it out. So, I wanted to provide a basic rundown of what podcasts are and hopefully answer some questions you may have.

Sponsored Articles assimilation-guest-visitor-retention

While most churches implement a number of systems to help them carry out their mission, assimilation can often get lost in the shuffle. But assimilation, the process through which we build relationships and connections, lays the foundation for a visitor’s meaningful immersion in the church, and subsequently, their intentional discipleship.

Other good-stress-ministry

The effects of bad stress are obvious. I had reasoned that good stress was acceptable and a part of the job. But the truth is that stress, whether brought about by good times or bad, has the same effect on your physical and spiritual health. Here are 4 principles to help you remove stress from your ministry.

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