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Vision causes excitement. People will rally around “what can be” pretty easily. However, vision has to become more than just words; it must generate something deeper than an emotional moment. When vision casting isn’t followed by vision execution, it probably means the the vision is stuck in death valley.

Sponsored Articles [TML Header] Injoy-Slaying-Debt-Monster

Your church’s vision is to be treasured, fought for, and communicated with passion and clarity. However, there is something that can suffocate the vision given by God in a church leader’s heart – debt. Here’s how you can slay the debt monster:

Growing Strategies unstuck-church-life-support

I’ll be honest: this is one of the hardest topics for me to address. There are times when a church has entered what I call the Life Support season of the church life cycle. In other words, they’re near death. The doors of the church are about ready to close. Take a look at these 4 characteristics so you know the warning signs.

Growing Strategies church-committee-overload

You have probably heard it said, “A camel is just a horse designed by a committee.”  That is pretty funny once you get up close to a camel and are aware of all its oddities. Some of the churches we work with at The Unstuck Group also have their own oddities, what we refer to as “stuckness,” due in part to their large amount of boards and/or committees.

Communications & Marketing millennials-church-website

Young people are literally using your website to decide whether or not to come to your church. While I recognize there is a growing number of churches who are intentional about their website, I worry that group is the minority. And I can’t emphasize enough how much this matters. Here are 3 things many church websites unintentionally communicate:

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