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How to Lead Meetings People Look Forward to Attending – Episode 192 | The Unstuck Church Podcast

Recent research found the average salary cost of a meeting was $338, and that there were about 11 million meetings each day in the U.S. How many meetings do you have in your day? Are you seeing the return on your investment for your team’s time? In this episode, Tony and Amy explore what productive, collaborative meetings really look like, and share nine key practices to help your team get better.

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The Rule of Eight

You’ve been there. We’ve all been there. There are people crowded into a room trying to have a discussion and make decisions. The only problem is… there are too many people.

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When Large Churches Get Stuck: Reducing the Span of Care

As I sat across from this senior leader at his desk, I knew he was overwhelmed because I saw his organizational chart before I walked into his office. Every leader of every ministry in the church reported directly to him, which is not an uncommon structure for small and mid-sized churches. That can work for a season. In my experience, though, when a church grows to 1,000 or more attendance, that structure will begin to buckle. The lead pastor’s span of care becomes too large.

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