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Young people are literally using your website to decide whether or not to come to your church. While I recognize there is a growing number of churches who are intentional about their website, I worry that group is the minority. And I can’t emphasize enough how much this matters. Here are 3 things many church websites unintentionally communicate:

Growing Strategies leadership-podcast-church-complexity-reduce

In this episode of The Leadership Unstuck Podcast, I talk to Joe Dobbins, Lead Pastor of Twin Rivers Worship Center in St. Louis, Missouri about reducing complexity within churches. Churches often get stuck because they are trying to do too much. That’s why it’s crucial to identify and stop programs that are not working. You’ll hear Joe’s story, and Ryan and I talk through a framework for reducing complexity in your own church.

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Is the language of the culture within your church toxic to people living in the culture outside it? What I’m not talking about is the “church people” we see in news clips holding venomous posters on the side of the road. That’s clearly toxic. What I am talking about is more subtle: church t-shirts that sell an exclusive membership. Or, rally cries intended to foster community within one church that instead suggest competition between churches. Or, insider language decorating an Instagram post without regard for how it may be interpreted in a public context. We say things outside our church walls that take on new meaning. We all need to get better at evaluating our language.

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