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When churches are small, relationships drive everything. Relationships are the reason people show up to events. But that dynamic is different in large churches. If the goal is to encourage relationships that foster spiritual growth, bigger events actually make it more challenging. So how should large churches define what is a “win” for their events?

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If we’re going to build a framework that helps move people toward maturity and Christ-likeness, we’ve got to think clearly about identifying steps where progress can be measured. Can you imagine what would happen in the church if it were to be intentional about moving people through a purposeful pathway? First off, we would need to have one. And secondly, it would need to work. But if those things were true, we could turn the world upside down in a single generation. These 5 questions will help you consider how to improve your discipleship process.

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In the church world we have a measurement problem. Not necessarily with finances or attendance, but with the one thing we’re tasked with doing: making disciples.This raises a fairly important question: What does spiritual progress look like, and how can we help people recognize movement in their own journey? Here are six indicators that someone is growing spiritually…

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What are some potential indicators that your church may have back door issues?

Declining weekend worship attendance numbers; lots of new families registering in kids ministry but overall attendance staying flat; and number of giving units and/or per capita giving decreasing — just to name a few. But what’s the root cause of the issue? Here are a few I’ve seen throughout the years, along with some suggestions for addressing them.

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