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Every time I’ve given up my personal preference for what’s best for the church instead of what’s best for me, the church has grown. And every time I’ve been reluctant to do the same, the church has been held back. Here’s how that plays out in ministry:

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You prepare and invite with people in mind. How do you respond when they don’t come? Hopefully like Jesus does. This is a parable, about a parable, about the Kingdom.

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If you’ve ever been a part of a fast-growing church, you know how much fun it can be. New people who are unfamiliar with Jesus begin attending, friends are bringing friends, you’re adding new staff members, you’re building buildings, you’re starting new ministries, and (most important of all) people are meeting Jesus and being baptized. But here are 5 of the biggest mistakes I’ve seen fast-growing churches make:

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When was the last time your church experienced interruption? Not a baby crying during a sermon or technology glitch during worship — an interruption on your current course. If your church hasn’t experienced an interruption recently, there’s a good chance you need one. Here’s why:

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I’ll be honest: this is one of the hardest topics for me to address. There are times when a church has entered what I call the Life Support season of the church life cycle. In other words, they’re near death. The doors of the church are about ready to close. Take a look at these 4 characteristics so you know the warning signs.

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You have probably heard it said, “A camel is just a horse designed by a committee.”  That is pretty funny once you get up close to a camel and are aware of all its oddities. Some of the churches we work with at The Unstuck Group also have their own oddities, what we refer to as “stuckness,” due in part to their large amount of boards and/or committees.

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