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Teaching is just one way to help people take their next steps toward Christ. But churches have a tendency to get stuck in a cycle of teach-promote-teach-promote: Each next step we invite people to take is another teaching environment. The truth is, keeping people busy learning doesn’t help them become more like Christ. In this episode, Amy and I discuss why so many churches get stuck in this all-important area.

Big Ideas & Innovation ministry dreams need cultivation and collaboration

As church leaders, we have to make dreaming a non-negotiable. A clear vision is rarely the result of the audible voice of God or physical stone tablets. Sure, it’s happened, but He’s always speaking and we’re missing it if we only hold out for mountain-top moments. It takes both cultivation and collaboration to become a dreamer who sees vision become reality.

Big Ideas & Innovation 2016-top-posts-unstuck

Thank you for sharing 2016 with us! We tried to stir up some important conversations for church leaders this year, and some of the most popular were about church health, learning a planning process, why churches of all sizes get stuck, and less frequent attendance patterns. Here’s a recap of the Top 10 articles of 2016 on

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