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Leadership & Management church volunteers

Having too few volunteers is one of the most frequent complaints I hear from church leaders. Most of the time, it’s not due to a lack of effort or trying. It’s usually due to taking the wrong approach towards volunteerism in the church.

Leadership & Management fix-church-strategies

Conventional wisdom tells us that when things get difficult we just need to work harder, work smarter or somehow upgrade the quality of our work. But what do you do when trying harder doesn’t work? It probably means it’s time for you to stop doing the same old thing with more effort, more efficiency, or more quality and to start implementing new strategies. It’s time to try something entirely new.

Leadership & Management mediocrity-ministry-excellence

“The toughest test of a manager is not how they deal with poor performance — it’s how they address mediocrity.” How do you recognize mediocrity in your ministry? I asked the team at The Unstuck Group to share some ideas based on what they see in the churches we’ve served…

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