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Leadership & Management pastor-respond-advice

Does everyone seem to be an unsolicited advice giver in your church? I mean, how often do you hear, “Can I just give you a small suggestion?” I’m sure everyone means well, but hearing this every week doesn’t do my heart well. After many years of receiving unsolicited suggestions, I’ve decided on a new approach. And it seems to be working.

Leadership & Management multisite-strategy-leadership-podcast

Going multisite has the potential to be an effective strategy for your church. But how do you know it’s right for you? How can you be sure your church is ready? What can you put in place to make sure the strategy is healthy? In this episode of The Leadership Unstuck Podcast, I cover some of the most common challenges churches face when launching additional campuses and how you can avoid becoming multistuck.

Leadership & Management church-painful-moments

Churches experience terribly painful moments: scandal, loss, division, family tragedy. These identify just a few of the rough waters that church leaders must traverse. As I work with more and more churches, I’m realizing two things. First, painful moments are unavoidable. No church is immune. And second, a church cannot heal from something it doesn’t acknowledge. Responding well in these moments is the difference between getting stuck or moving forward together.

Leadership & Management pastoral-succession-tips

Ginghamsburg Church in Ohio has quite the history of growth and effective church leadership. Mike Slaughter, the current Senior Pastor, has become known as an early innovator in multiple areas of ministry. So, how does succession work in a church with a history of leadership like that? We caught up with Mike and incoming lead pastor Chris Heckaman to get their insights as this church enters a new season.

Leadership & Management change-leadership-church

Culture is constantly changing. As it shifts, churches feel the tug to change. The leadership often knows they need to make some adjustments, but many times they don’t follow through because, let’s face it, change is hard. But when change is rejected, churches fall behind. Here’s a short list of things churches can do to develop greater agility:

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