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Leadership & Management [podcast] christmas-service-planning

Our culture still embraces Christmas. Churches decorate, plan and hold extra services. But are we really connecting with the people who only come to church during the most wonderful time of the year? In this episode of The Unstuck Church Podcast, Amy and I review “the wins” every church can experience during the Christmas season.

Leadership & Management [podcast] pastor-math-podcast

Did you earn an A in Pastor Math Class? Ok, so that’s not be a real seminary course, but every pastor we meet knows the material. Whether you lean towards measuring everything, or eschewing numbers in favor of stories, there is one number you simply cannot ignore — and it’s probably not what you think.

Leadership & Management congregationally-led-church

The average age of the congregation was 62 years old. The budget had been red for a while; the church was only a few years away from being cashless. They were on life support. The elders knew it, and that’s why they called The Unstuck Group. But their leadership model didn’t allow them to make changes for growth…

Leadership & Management casting-vision-sun-valley

Back in the spring, I had the opportunity to facilitate a strategic planning retreat with the leadership team from Sun Valley Community Church. Sun Valley is a church with 6,000 people gathering in five locations in the Phoenix area. Many times, I don’t get the opportunity to see the vision move from the planning charts to reality. But here are 5 thoughts on leadership that came to mind after I heard this update.

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