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Leadership & Management Reducing-Span-of-Care

As I sat across from this senior leader at his desk, I knew he was overwhelmed because I saw his organizational chart before I walked into his office. Every leader of every ministry in the church reported directly to him, which is not an uncommon structure for small and mid-sized churches. That can work for a season. In my experience, though, when a church grows to 1,000 or more attendance, that structure will begin to buckle. The lead pastor’s span of care becomes too large.

Leadership & Management healthy-leadership-development

Wondering how to implement a healthy leadership development strategy? I recently had Eric Geiger, who leads the resources division at Lifeway and pastors ClearView Baptist Church in Franklin, TN, talk with one of my coaching networks about how churches can better develop leaders. He gave me permission to share a portion of that interview with my online readers. Here are some of the highlights.

Churches how-often-preaching-weekly

Every pastor feels the pressure to preach great messages – not just true, but captivating and helpful content presented in an engaging way. But the most common question I’ve recently received revolves around the number of times in a calendar year a typical Senior Pastor should preach. Find out how to determine the answer to that question for your church.

Leadership & Management Leadership-lids-abilities-character

If you lead long enough, eventually you’re going to hit a leadership lid. It happens when you reach your capacity in a particular area. But what you do next has the potential to make or break your leadership future. If you ignore it, deny it, make excuses about it, or refuse to acknowledge and deal with it, you’ll undermine your impact. If you face reality, you’ll create a window of opportunity to grow and break through your leadership lid.

Leadership & Management big-personalities-megachurch-pastors

Ever have a sense at first glance that a large church is built more on the personality of the pastor rather than Jesus? In the past, I tended to become judgmental and assume the worst. That demonstrated a lack of faith in what God might be doing through that leader. And it failed to acknowledge that ultimately God is building His church. That said, I do think there are some healthy boundaries for all of us to consider when it comes to the gifts and personalities that God has put into us.

Leadership & Management senior-leadership-team-tony-morgan

Are your Senior Leadership Team meetings focused on the right things? They should always focus on three key things, and one of them in much greater proportion than the others. In this short video, Mark Morgan and I discuss how to use a practical framework to maximize the effectiveness of your SLT meetings, as well as a simple test to honestly evaluate how you’re doing in this area.

Leadership & Management Leading Change Webinar Tony Morgan Unstuck Group

Monday I had some fun hanging out with my friends Carey Nieuwhof, as well as Paul Alexander and Gabe Kolstad from The Unstuck Group’s consultant team, for a webinar about one of my favorite topics: leading change. We specifically dug into three big church changes that more than 600 pastors told us were the most important ones they wanted to lead in 2017. If you missed out, catch the replay here.

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