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MultiSite Multisite Churches Campus Launch Webinar

As the number of churches engaging in a multisite strategy continues to grow, so do the number of botched campus launches. I’m not trying to be negative. I’ve just seen this strategy go wrong a lot of times. Sometimes it goes wrong because the church leaders dreaming about it are building their foundation on some serious misconceptions about multisite. But sometimes churches with a great strategy and all the right reasons to go multisite still get stuck. What steps can you take to avoid getting stuck on your multisite journey?

MultiSite multisite-video-messages

Our team works with many multisite churches. My guess is that half those churches use video delivery of messages and the other half have live teachers at each location. If so, that would follow the trends I’ve seen in previous research. My concern is that I’ve not seen any research that looks at the long-term consequences of using separate teachers rather than video delivery for messages.

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