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We’re seeing a new trend: Churches that were one church in multiple locations are shifting to become multiple churches in multiple locations. In this episode of The Unstuck Church Podcast, Amy and I discuss this un-multisiting trend, and what it means for leaders of multisite churches.

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With multisite more common, deciding which campus pastor role is best for your church is a helpful place to begin thinking about your church staffing needs. Here are five different types of Campus Pastors that we’ve helped churches find depending on their multisite strategy.

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Being a leader in a large multisite church, I’m frequently asked by church leaders what the best multisite model is for their church to adopt. While there are all kinds of ways churches are approaching multisite these days, there are some approaches that are producing greater results than others. My unfiltered response would be this…

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Going multisite has the potential to be an effective strategy for your church. But how do you know it’s right for you? How can you be sure your church is ready? What can you put in place to make sure the strategy is healthy? In this episode of The Leadership Unstuck Podcast, I cover some of the most common challenges churches face when launching additional campuses and how you can avoid becoming multistuck.

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As the number of churches engaging in a multisite strategy continues to grow, so do the number of botched campus launches. I’m not trying to be negative. I’ve just seen this strategy go wrong a lot of times. Sometimes it goes wrong because the church leaders dreaming about it are building their foundation on some serious misconceptions about multisite. But sometimes churches with a great strategy and all the right reasons to go multisite still get stuck. What steps can you take to avoid getting stuck on your multisite journey?

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