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Other church structure: optimizing for growth

Churches frequently contact us for help with their organizational structure. As a leader, it’s easy to see when something is off in this area. “People problems” are hard to miss, but they’re rarely simple to fix. That’s because how your church staff is structured actually sets the stage for how your team can accomplish the mission together. Structuring a team for health and growth may not come naturally, but there are some basic principles we believe any church leader can learn. 

Other church health

I always like to take a look back at the conversations we had throughout the year that really resonated with readers. From church staffing, to money, to leadership to preaching, these were the top 10 articles of 2017 on my site.

Other good-stress-ministry

The effects of bad stress are obvious. I had reasoned that good stress was acceptable and a part of the job. But the truth is that stress, whether brought about by good times or bad, has the same effect on your physical and spiritual health. Here are 4 principles to help you remove stress from your ministry.

Other easing-fear-handling-anxiety

Fear makes people do crazy things. Lately I’ve noticed a lot of the people I care about are carrying extra tension on a daily basis. It seems the level of anxiety is bubbling up around us and, if you are a follower of Jesus, you have an opportunity to help bring peace to those around you by the way you respond.

Other celebrating the wins of 2016

Do you take time to look back and review the wins from the previous year as you move into a new one? Here’s what I discovered looking back at 2016. There’s a lot to celebrate here.

Other intentional-investing-outward-focus-1

Let me introduce you to Priscilla. She’s been my mother-in-law for over 25 years. She’s a special woman for many reasons. There’s one particular characteristic of hers, though, that makes her rather remarkable. It’s the basis for what I’ve started to refer to as The Priscilla Principle.

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