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Interestingly, most churches launch in a rented space, so more volunteers are needed to set up and tear down the worship and community spaces each week. Having a strategy for finding, training, and keeping volunteers happy is critical for the success of your church. Here are five key considerations as you begin your portable volunteer strategy.

Sponsored Articles [TML Header] Injoy-Slaying-Debt-Monster

Your church’s vision is to be treasured, fought for, and communicated with passion and clarity. However, there is something that can suffocate the vision given by God in a church leader’s heart – debt. Here’s how you can slay the debt monster:

MultiSite hiring-church-campus-pastor

With multisite more common, deciding which campus pastor role is best for your church is a helpful place to begin thinking about your church staffing needs. Here are five different types of Campus Pastors that we’ve helped churches find depending on their multisite strategy.

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You’re likely to see fewer faces in the audience over the next few months. Since you can’t rely on your congregation hearing announcements from the stage, communicating with your congregation over the summer can be a bit more challenging. Here are some tips to stay connected even while people are traveling for the summer:

Sponsored Articles stop-summer-slump-injoy

The Summer Slump. Every church leader knows exactly what those words mean. It means a drop in attendance, decreased participation, and reduced giving. This can be demoralizing as the ministry attempts to make progress toward the vision with less people and money. So, what is a church leader to do?

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While most churches implement a number of systems to help them carry out their mission, assimilation can often get lost in the shuffle. But assimilation, the process through which we build relationships and connections, lays the foundation for a visitor’s meaningful immersion in the church, and subsequently, their intentional discipleship.

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