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Candidly evaluating whether you have the right people on the bus and in the right seat of the bus and doing the right activities is difficult for someone on the inside of an organization to do. Here are the top 3 weaknesses that repeatedly surface when The Unstuck Group analyzes staffing & structure in churches (and each of these are usually a surprise to the senior leadership).

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Recruiting and hiring a new team member can be exciting! Hire the right person and the whole team benefits. When you invite the right person to join your team, not only is there an infusion of new talent, but also new ideas, fresh eyes, and a new well of experiences to go to. On the other hand, hire the wrong person and the ministry at your church could be set back for years. Here are 5 principles to keep in mind when it’s time to make the next hire at your church.

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To move from where you are now to where God wants you to be in the future, you need teammates who are different than you. As you’re thinking beyond yourself and the team you are building, let me share some thoughts regarding the four types of people on any team.

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