I get a lot of questions emailed to me on a variety of different topics. Let me try to answer some of the FAQs here. If you don’t find the answer to your question, I also recommend using the search function.

Do you do 1-on-1 coaching?

I do not do 1-on-1 coaching, but my team at The Unstuck Group has a number of coaching options. If you’re interested in 1-on-1 coaching specifically, connect with my team and they’ll share those options with you. I do facilitate coaching networks, with new ones starting a few times each year.

How can I get you to speak at my event? 

It won’t be easy :) Due to my busy schedule consulting with churches, I only take on a limited number of speaking engagements each year. Visit my speaking page to learn more about the topics I can speak to and to make an inquiry.

Do you do any on-site consultations? 

Yep, that’s why I started The Unstuck Group. Read all about our 4 Phase Process for helping churches get unstuck or connect with my team to start a conversation to learn more.

Do you ever work with businesses?

I do actually work with businesses. The strategic planning process we use was originally created by Tom Paterson for business leaders, and was later tailored for church leaders. You can learn more about how we help businesses by filling out the same contact form we share with churches.

Do people send you free stuff or pay you for advertising?

You bet they do. It’s part of the formula for keeping the Morgan family solvent. Here’s my FTC disclosure statement to keep us on the up-and-up.

Why isn’t my comment showing up on your site?

We moderate all the comments submitted to my site. That means comments waiting for approval sometimes stack up. We also reserve the right to remove comments that are divisive, inflammatory or otherwise disrespectful.

Will you post articles from guest contributors?

From time to time. Email Tiffany Deluccia from my team if you have an idea you’d like us to consider.

May I republish posts from your site on my blog?

Again, email Tiffany Deluccia if you’re interested in republishing blog posts. If we give permission, please acknowledge where it came from and include a link to the original post on my site. Keep in mind that this is copyrighted material.

May I reprint one of your articles or something from one of your books?

I’m not allowed to give that permission. You’ll need to contact the publisher of the magazine or book. By the way, you can find all of my previous books on Amazon.

I’d like to write a book, can you point me in the right direction?

I wanted to write a book for a number of years before my first one was published. Honestly, though, the opportunity to get published came looking for me. I started by writing articles for magazines and teaching workshops. That was pre-blog days. If you’re looking for specific direction, though, you can check out these guides by Michael Hyatt, former CEO of Thomas Nelson. Good luck!

Do you have a question about anything not on this list? If so, feel free to email me.